City and Hackney Recovery College

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PW- Student of Autumn 2020
I have found the courses and discussions to be delivered very well, during these difficult times (zoom, due to having to shield)
All the subjects were easy to understand and follow, also felt at ease participating although many of the subjects were around sensitive issues. Confidentiality and respect for opinions of others was also considered during these sessions.
Creative fashion, Carl Ramsey is an exceptional tutor, has demonstrated enormous patience and understanding of the feelings of others, thoroughly enjoying his classes and look forward to the coming weeks.
I am also looking forward to hopefully joining your team in the near future
I learnt healthier ways to cook and about healthy eating perspectives. Staff were very helpful and gave good advice on health issues. Good atmosphere
The environment was friendly and helpful and respectful and I felt able to express my feelings. I recommend it!
An engaging atmosphere, glad I came! People felt able to be open and share experiences
Great discussions and opportunities to share experiences and large volume of information was broken down into chunks
I found it helpful to talk about various aspects of depression and anxiety. It felt good to know im not alone and to feel heard
Very supportive and friendly group. Good opportunities to participate with some very interesting content
Very interesting subject and was well explained. Tutors were warm, supportive and professional
I felt able to express my personal experience and it felt important to have my struggles acknowledged