City and Hackney Recovery College

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About our courses

Our courses are always designed by people with lived experience and those who are a professional in that area. The courses are designed to provide the tools that students may need to learn new skills and develop knowledge and confidence in that area.
The college is for EVERYONE and we want family, friends, carers, NHS staff and the community within City and Hackney to get involved to support each other on their journey

Our Spring term is now open for enrolments, it will begin on 20th February and will run until June. We have a half term from 10th Arpil for one week where there will be no courses and there will also be no courses during the bank holidays.
Our Spring courses are below; click on a course title for more information
You can download the enrolment form from this website and email to us or post to us

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Spring Courses

Understanding and Acceptance

Tuesday 21st Feb- Tuesday 14th March

Recovery and Co-Production

11:00- 1:00

Wednesday 17th may- 7th June

Understanding Autism and Neuro-diversity

3:00- 5:00

Tuesday 21st March- 28th March

Understanding Psychosis


Tuesday 4th April- 11th April

Understanding bipolar


Wednesday 22nd March- 5th April

Understanding Anxiety and Depression

10:00- 12:00

Thursday 16th March- 30th March

Understanding the LGBTQ+ Community

10:00- 12:00

Weds 22nd March- 5th April

Life After Discharge

3:00- 4:30

Weds 22nd March- 5th April

Course For Carers

3:00- 4:30

Monday 17th April, Mon 24th April, Mon 15th May and Mon 22nd May

What is a Relationship?


Discover Yourself

Every other Tuesday from 28th February - 6th June



Wednesday 22nd February- 15th March

Recovery Journals

10:00- 12:00

Wednesday 22nd February- 29th March

Tree of Life

12:30- 2:30

Tuesday 18th April- 30th May

Women Empowerment

10:00- 12:00

Wednesday 19th April- 7th June

Journey Beyond the Senses

12:30- 2:30

Wednesday 22nd February- 15th March

What is Social Media?

3:00- 4:30

Every Other Tuesday from 7th March



1- Monday 20th, 27th March and Monday 3rd, 17th April

2- Monday 15th, 22nd May and Mon 5th, 12th June

The Art and Science of Self-Care

10:00- 12:00

Life Skills

Tues 21st Feb-4th April (1st cohort)

Tues 25th April- 30th May (2nd cohort)


1:30- 4:30

Thurs 23rd Feb- 6th April (1st cohort)

Thurs 20th April- 25th May (2nd cohort)

IT Skills

1:00- 3:00

Thurs 20th April - 8th June

Work Kit

3:00- 5:00

Wednesday April- 7th June

Cross Stitch

3:00- 5:00

Every Tuesday from 21st February

Yoga and Laughing Yoga


8 Mackintosh Ln, London E9 6AB

10:00- 12:00

Thursday 23rd Feb- 6th April

Thursday 20th April- 8th June

Food Glorious Food

1:00- 3:00

Monday 20th and 27th February

Monday 6th and 13th March

Monday 20th and 27th March


12:30- 2:30

Creative Expression

Friday 24th February-31st March

Friday 21st April- 9th June

Art Club

1:30- 3:30

Monday 20th March- 3rd April

Social Club

1:00- 3:00

Wednesday 17th May- 14th June

Lights, Drama, Action

10:00- 12:00

Friday 24th February- 31st March

The Art of Happiness

11:00- 1:00

Friday 21st April- 26th May

History of Art Movements

11:00- 1:00

Thursday 23rd February- 9th March

Creative Mindfulness

10:00- 12:00

Thursday 23rd February- 6th April

Drama Club

3:30- 4:30