City and Hackney Recovery College

02085254480 or 07789716362 

our principles 

Our main aim is to deliver education; giving people space to learn and develop as a person
building partnerships, trust and hope 
prioritising co production in everything we do 
offering a supportive environment that's free from stigma and discrimination 
supporting people to become activists of social justice in their community and creating a platform for people to be heard 
being positive, friendly and professional 
respecting everyone's views and opinions 

All our course are based on "Five to thrive" and CHIME principles 


Connect with others 

Build stronger and closer relationships 


Be physically active 

Find an activity you enjoy and make it part of your life 


Continue to learn 

Develop knowledge and skills 


Give to those around you 

Take part in social and community activities 


Be mindful 

Enjoy the moment and the environment around you 


(Leamy et al 2011)


Peer support and support groups and being part of the community 

hope and optimism 

Belief in the possibility of recovery and having dreams and aspirations 


Rebuilding/ redefining a positive sense of identity and overcoming stigma 

meaning and purpose 

Quality of life, meaningful life and social roles/ goals 


Personal responsibility, control over life and focusing on strengths